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March 2019

Women’s Golf Day Translates to Revenue and Growth

By Elisa Gaudet

As a course owner, manager or head pro, you are constantly bombarded with a To Do list that never ends in order to keep customers happy as well as grow your business. In the U.S., 50 percent of the population is female, yet only around 27 percent play golf. The female consumer is not only an area for growth in our industry, but often the decision maker in the family. We are actively creating and fostering the biggest growth opportunity for our own livelihood by investing in women and children.

Women’s Golf Day, June 4, started in 2016 and that has been hosted in over 900 locations in 52 countries all on the same day, creating global unity and attention through grass roots efforts, translating to interest and engagement. The one-day, four-hour format allows women the choice of either taking lessons or playing 9 holes for the first two hours, giving both new and existing golfers a chance to play. For the next two hours the two groups have the chance to socialize, creating a comfortable environment that promotes community engagement, partnering with a charity, speaker or whatever you feel is best for your club.

The idea is to get more women engaged in the game in a fun, easy and inviting way and enable the courses to have a platform to share information about ongoing opportunities at the club, be that league play, family golf, junior clinics and club amenities. We encourage women to bring a friend, creating engagement and community around golf.

We have received testimonials from around the world about new club memberships generated, young girls getting involved, women at private clubs who had been members for years, but only played tennis coming out on Women’s Golf Day and trying golf for the first time; and finding other women to connect and play with, be that nine and wine or league play. The success of Women’s Golf Day is in its simplicity and easy implantation, as well as allowing the locations to decide on a public or private event, for free or a fee. It is your own business for the day. Courses receive an electronic tool kit with material ready for them to use. This is the ultimate Jerry McGuire “Help me, help you.”

Women’s Golf Day found a way to make golf fun, inviting and inclusive so women want to play and keep playing while creating a community locally and around the world. We made it easy for the courses to sign up and get involved.

 WGD started in 2016 with 484 locations in 28 countries. In 2017 there was a 68 percent increase with 711 locations in 46 countries participating.

 WGD’s hashtag, #WomensGolfDay, received more than 15 million global impressions by nearly 10 million users across Twitter and Instagram. We also use #BringAFriend to encourage more women.

 A variety of locations can participate, including golf courses, driving ranges, PGA Tour Superstore, retail stores and TopGolf facilities.

For more information about hosting a Women’s Golf Day event go to and follow the “Register A Location” tab. For questions or help, email or me directly,



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