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December 2019

25 Years and Counting

By Boots Gifford
Editor in Chief, Golf Business

As we prepare to close out the year with the November/December issue of Golf Business magazine, we’re well underway in planning for a very special 2020.

Having published its first issue in 1995, next year will be Golf Business magazine’s 25th anniversary. And with that silver anniversary mile-marker, we have some new features in store for our readers.

In each issue throughout 2020, Golf Business will take a look back at stories in past issues, and revisit the people, trends, business issues or controversies featured. This will be an opportunity to review the road the golf industry has taken as we prepare for the path ahead and the game of the future.

Two new features will join our regular lineup for 2020.

For a look at the increasing importance of the food and beverage industry’s impact on golf course operations, we’ll talk with those people who have found success and share their tips and “secret sauce” in What’s Cooking?

As the golf retail market changes with more focus on technology as well as fashion and equipment, along with forays into performance gear and supplements, we will be sharing the inside story from golf shop operators implementing the latest trends in Shop Talk.

Special reports on the Golf Business magazine calendar include Labor & Staffing, Food & Beverage, Women in Golf, Finance and the third annual Technology Issue. We will continue to tell the tales of golf course operators who have made an impact, and how our readers can take a page from their books, while stretching our wings with the Golf Business podcast and future digital products.

As we prepare for this special 25th anniversary year, we also want to hear from readers about what they’d like to see. Send your thoughts to

Golf Business magazine looks forward to seeing what the future holds for all of us.


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