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April 2021

Best Advice: Mackenzie Mack

A Word From Leaders And Peers Around The Golf Industry

Mackenzie Mack
Leadership Rotational Program Business Specialist, Callaway Golf
Carlsbad, California

“The best advice I’ve ever received
 ...came from my previous college golf teammate and now BFF. On a day that wasn’t going my way she recited this quote to me, “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay then it is not the end”. To me that meant any trial or tribulation was temporary and that if I just pushed through it to the end then everything would be okay. I recite that quote to myself whenever I am met with an obstacle or adversity as a reminder to persevere.”

What’s the best advice you could give? 
No matter if you are on or off the golf course don’t stop swinging! On the course if you stop swinging the ball will never get to the hole. So even if you top it, shank it, or chunk it, the ball is a bit closer to your goal than you were before, so all is good and you are moving in the right direction. Same applies off the course! If you study harder, practice more, or try something new no matter the outcome, you are one step closer to being the BEST person you can be and that is the ultimate goal so you are moving in the right direction. So, never stop swinging!

What was your first job in golf?
My first job in golf was a member of a local junior golf tournament staff. I shuttled juniors, helped with scoring and rules, handed out water, and developed a passion for competitive golf. That job gave me the skills I needed to become a U.S. Kids Tournament Director hosting events with 80+ participants and be the creator of a junior tour whose purpose was to make tournament golf affordable for all and is still operating and growing the game of golf today.


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