What An Economist Says

It was a little odd – talking to an economist about the impact of the current U.S. economy on the business of golf – and not long into the conversation he mentioned Walt Disney.

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Walt Disney and Andrew Carnegie can teach you about weathering a stormy economy

Former NGCOA president:

Rock Lucas, the former NGCOA president and owner of Charwood Golf Club in West Columbia, South Carolina, says you can learn a lot about running a golf course these days just by hanging out with other business owners.

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Despite a wobbly economy, ‘golf has taken on a more important role in people's lives’

Fresh Eyes Make

The world is full of executives moving from one industry to another. From hotel CEOs taking over airlines to food-service executives leading social media startups

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Scenic Hills A Turnaround Success

DOL’s Proposed

If you have been following any of my updates, you are probably aware of the new proposed independent contractor rule offered by the Department of Labor.

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Independent Contractor Rule Is Bad for Golf