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June 2019

70-Year Journey To Drive On


By Roberta Bowman
Chief Brand & Communications Officer

On March 20, the LPGA introduced its new brand positioning that embraces its history and pushes toward the future with two simple words: Drive On.

“Drive On” is clearly rooted in golf, but it’s a bigger idea. It captures the power and potential in each of us and celebrates the hard work, focus and tenacity that it takes to achieve our goals.

That the LPGA has refined its brand positioning isn’t remarkable. What is remarkable is the process that led us here.

Over the past few years, the LPGA has had more new corporate partners come on board than at any time in its history. The growth of the LPGA and the strength of these partnerships reflect the quality of our tour, the approachability of our athletes, the expertise of our teaching and club professionals and the relentless dedication of everyone that is connected through our networks and associations.

But there’s more to this story. In a very real sense, our sponsors, players and fans have led us to “Drive On.” Businesses are known for the company they keep and the organizations and causes they support. More and more companies want to be associated with what the LPGA and its members stand for – on and off the golf course. They see our athletes as positive, visible leaders and role models who represent the important values of diversity, authenticity, a commitment to excellence and fierce determination. And, they appreciate our nearly 70-year track record of “driving on” to break barriers and provide opportunities for women.  

This year, nearly half of our LPGA Tour events also will host conferences or events focused on women’s leadership. It’s a natural coupling of achievement on the golf course and in business. There’s always been a special relationship between golf and business – and these events are a terrific way for women to  be introduced to the game. 

But “Drive On” isn’t just about golf and it isn’t just about women. It’s for girls and boys, women and men. It’s about the fire that burns inside you when you discover your passion. It’s about the motivating power of big dreams and the resolve to defy convention and stereotypes. It’s about finding the vision to see beyond what has already been done and to believe something greater is possible.

We think the time is right to celebrate that spirit of determination – that drive – within. This is the moment to shine a light on the stories of dedication, resilience and sheer grit that it takes to excel. 

For nearly 70 years, the LPGA has been “driving on” to create greater opportunity for women. Standing on the shoulders of our 13 founders and the other outstanding women who came before them, the members of the LPGA today are fully prepared to carry the future on their shoulders.

Drive On.


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