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October 2020

From the CEO

Miles To Go Before I Sleep
This issue of Golf Business happens to fall upon the five year anniversary of my homecoming at NGCOA. Only upon the exercise of reflection am I reminded of the good work we have doneRead More

Cover Stories and Features

Sand Hollow Resort
Golfers are accustomed to seeing technology in use at the resort destinations they visitRead More

Golf in the Digital World
When Americans went on their coast-to-coast COVID-19 quarantines in March and locked down at home for the better part of three months, one of the few businesses that did not experience significant downturns was video conferencing technology services.Read More

Standing Together
Southworth Clubs Extend Sense Of Community To The Post-Covid WorldRead More

Shiny Objects, or Building Loyalty and Boosting Profits?
Technology marketed to golfers and considered a potential source of industry discomfort used to be things like non-conforming equipment—self-correcting golf balls, drivers with melon-sized heads or irons with grooves too deep or too close together.Read More

Case Studies

Market Baskets a New Model for Connecticut Club
Grocery stores presented quite the conundrum during the COVID-19 crisisRead More

Tech is Here to Stay in the Game of Golf
Simulators may be costly, but are they the right investment?Read More

Managing Coronavirus in The Workplace...Protecting Everyone!
Each day we are reading reports from golf courses having to close their clubhouses due to employees testing positive for the coronavirusRead More

Addison Reserve Country Club Continues To Be Community Concierge
The pandemic spawned countless innovations and inventions. Necessity will do that. From folding tables in parking lots while indoor dining was banned, to kids selling homemade hand sanitizers from their lemonade standsRead More

Empower Your Golf Course Sales Professionals…Your Entire Staff
If you own or operate a golf course, every employee that interacts with a customer is a sales professional, whether they know it or not.  It’s in your financial interest to make sure they DO know it! Read More

The Future of Golf Starts Now
As we approach our November election, it’s very easy to generate some fodder by simply mentioning President Donald Trump. One thing I can always look forward to is knowing that the President’s tweets will be distributed to me in some way, form or fashion. Through it all,  we can learn a lot from the things he says or doesRead More

The Idaho Club Has Risen From the Ashes
Twelve years after opening with high-profile fanfare from its Jack Nicklaus-designed signature course and quickly falling into financial disarrayRead More

The Fountain of Youth
Living the Good Life in the SouthRead More

Technology Enhances Golf at The Phoenician
Guests and Staff Benefit from Technological OptionsRead More

Technology’s sway on golf from 2000 to 2020
The cover story for Golf Business in September 2000 was “Getting Comfortable with E-Commerce” and today you could say golf has moved from getting comfortable with e-commerce and technology to a full-blown, committed relationship.Read More

Industry News and Trends

Cleaning Procedures and Cart Policies Will outlast The Virus That Spawned Them
Sometimes you bang yourself on the head and say, “Why weren’t we doing this beforeRead More

Desert Mountain Never Forgets its Members or Cake
Clubs have always been the center of celebrationsRead More

Flying in High Style at Bella Collina
When it comes to amenities and lifestyle at Bella Collina, a high-end private club community on the outskirts of Orlando, it is hard to beat the club’s signature clubhouse. Read More


Fitting Market Booms in a Covid-19 Era
The mantra coming out of the COVID crisis was near universalRead More

Forest Dunes Golf Resort
Blending Beauty with TechnologyRead More

In Memory of Curtis Walker
Curt Walker, longtime Executive Director of the Midwest Golf Course Owners Association and a prominent figure within the National Golf Course Owners Association, passed June 18, 2020Read More

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