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June 2021

What You Shoot at Steelwood Country Club Depends on What You Shoot


By: Steve Eubanks

It’s not unusual for a golf shop to offer services that aren’t related to golf. Custom belts are available at Arizona Country Club in Phoenix, for example, and those professionals who still wear jackets and ties can find them in plenty of golf shops. 

But Steelwood Country Club in Loxley, Alabama – an out-of-the-way 1,400-acre club community with a private lake on pine-strewn land once owned by International Paper and not quite an hour from the condos and beaches of Gulf Shores – takes specialized merchandising to a new level. That’s because the club, located in a secluded area, miles from the nearest busy road, sells guns and ammunition in its shop.

“As you might expect in this part of the country, hunting is an integral part of the Steelwood experience,” the club explains of the area, where quail and pheasant abound. “The season, October through March, offers ample opportunities to bag your limit.”

The shop offers ample hardware with which to do just that. You can be fit with a Callaway driver and order a .20 gauge and a box of shells in the same trip. And in both cases, there is an expert on staff to help you with the decision. 

In 2019, the original developer sold the club to a group of 40 members. But hunting and fishing remained a big part of the experience.
“Steelwood hunts are enjoyed by experienced hunters and novices alike,” the club said, “whether it’s a first hunt with your family…or a day to network with business associates and friends who enjoy the excitement of wing shooting.”  


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